Writing for outcomes

In this digital age with its abundance of words, I can make yours stand out.

I am a professional editor of fiction and non-fiction works and a highly regarded technical, operational and business writer.  

I am listed in the Institute of Professional Editors’ directory

Whether you need content for websites, reports, operational documents, business rules, tenders or submissions, my clear style will get results.

You may already have a first draft which needs to be tightened, polished and cleaned of all errors. Or you may have an idea for something completely new.

Contact me to discuss your requirements and receive a free estimate. I can be reached on (0409) 923 287 or  at [email protected]


Jessica is highly competent, motivated, an excellent writer and managed a large volume of work under tight deadlines.  She is very reliable and well able to undertake confidential and sensitive work.

The Honourable Tanya Plibersek MP
The Honourable Tanya Plibersek MP Shadow Minister for Education
& Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Jessica took my extremely dense material and was able to create a visual presentation and conference handout targeted exactly to the audience’s attention span. She made me look much more professional than my original material would have looked when I did the talk! She did this at extremely short notice and I would be happy to recommend her to others. I shall be sure to ask for her services again.

Marie-Pierre Cleret
Marie-Pierre Cleret Psychotherapist

On a first read of my novel, Jessica revealed a flaw—missed by previous reviewers—which required a major rewrite. She has now copy edited my final work and helped me produce a more polished work. I was astonished to see the number of errors she picked up that I thought I had corrected. I would highly recommend her.

Wendy Hird
Wendy Hird Author

Your editing has substantially improved the quality and your suggested headings/structure will make it easier to use. A higher quality document presented for everyday use were key objectives I consider have been achieved or might’ve been exceeded. Further, I like how you worked with me to integrate my preferences.

Andrew Swaffer
Andrew Swaffer Portfolio Manager

...the final edit must be made by a professional editor. I have used Jessica Stewart for my novels, and believe that she is one of the best.

Contact me for a free estimate here or by email at [email protected]

Business writing and editing services

Complex submissions
Do you manage long documents with multiple stakeholders? Do you work in complex or changing political environments? I will pull your documents into a coherent whole to improve readability, flow, construction and bring out meaning. I have worked on:

  • Funding proposals and grant applications
  • Submissions to government enquiries
  • Research reports
  • Award applications.

Corporate writing
Too often, organisations are hamstrung by complex technical, legalistic or bureaucratic language but they can be reluctant to change.  Does this sound familiar?

‘It’s how we’ve always done it’
‘It’s how our competitors talk – the clients expect it’
‘It’s how management wants it written’

I can make your messages flow like liquid gold. I will:

  • Identify your audience — the ones with an interest
  • Crystallise what you’re selling — a product, an idea, an emotion
  • Remind them why they care — with lyrical, effective content.

Technical and operational writing
Do your documents manage processes? Are they consistent? Do you want them to achieve certain outcomes?

  • Complex functions needs clear processes that dovetail into each other, complement rather than duplicate each other and support the outcomes. Do yours?
  • Are your messages confused? Perhaps your documents are saying the same thing in too many different ways and places. A single, coherent source of advice is more efficient than duplicative messages.
  • Is your material readable? Decisions are made by people, not machines. How hard is it to decipher what you are saying, or asking? When we get too close to our own content, a fresh set of eyes can be invaluable.

I transform your notes or research into a finished piece for publication under your byline, to deadline.

I am a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors and my services begin with a free consultation so that we can establish what kind of editing you need. I provide the following services.

  1. Structural editing: I improve the composition and flow of your document to ensure it makes sense and engages your reader.
  2. Copy editing: I correct grammar, sentence construction, spelling and word use. I accurately and clearly format tables of contents, headings, captions, tables and figures, references, citations, hyperlinks and page numbers
  3. Proofreading: I provide a final review to give you peace of mind that your document is error-free.


Free estimates

Sample corporate copy edit and assessment
I will provide a free copy edit and readability assessment of one of your corporate documents. Email your document (up to 500 words) to me at [email protected] with a note about its intended purpose and audience. I will return a marked up version with comments and suggestions to you promptly.

Project estimates
I provide fast, free estimates for projects.

  • For proofreading and editing work, email me at [email protected] with your document’s word count and a sample from the middle section. Please also set out your requirements and expectations. I will assess the level of edit required and anticipated duration of the job.
  • For writing work, email [email protected] with details of your requirements and the length of the document you need.

In your email, please also provide me with your name, address and telephone number.

I make every effort to stay within my estimate. If your job takes longer than anticipated, I will contact you immediately to explain why and seek your advice before continuing.

All information that you give me will remain confidential.

The agreement

Once you agree to proceed, I will draw  up an agreement which  clearly outlines the project details and expectations. It will specify rates, the level of editing that we agree is required, and payment terms. We will each sign a copy.

Once the agreement is signed, email any additional material to me: [email protected].

What happens next?

I work on proofs and edits electronically using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes.  You can see my editorial and proofing changes and compare your document with earlier drafts.

I will return your completed job by email.

All documents will be deleted from my email and hard drive 30 days after I receive the final payment.


I will issue invoices either on completion of the project or at agreed times for long projects.

Payment is by direct bank deposit or Paypal and within 7 days of the invoice date.


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